Carriage Policy

You are responsible for ensuring that Your travel date, time and destination are correct before booking/reserving the trip trips or when you select to confirm your trip purchase on the Website. Please check the cancellation Policy available on the Website for details about cancellation and refunds.

You are solely responsible to be at the designated boarding point reasonably in advance before departure time. We are not liable if you fail to board the trip by the time the trip departs.

The trip hosts reserve the right to refuse you and your luggage from carriage on the trip for whatsoever reason that they deem justified, including but not limited to:

Carrying of contraband, illegal substances, fragile or oversize/overweight luggage, Your unruly behavior, drunkenness or any other behavior that the trip host deems to affect the other passengers' comfort or safety.

  • You are unable to produce valid government issued identification proof while travelling.
  • The payment of Your fare for the trip is fraudulent;
  • The booking of Your seat has been done fraudulently or unlawfully or has been purchased from a person not authorized by TRIPPKO;
  • The credit card through which your payment was made for the trip booking has been reported lost or stolen;
  • The itinerary or booking or confirmation slip is counterfeit or fraudulently obtained;
  • The itinerary of your reservation has been altered by a person other than TRIPPKO or our authorized agent on your express instructions;
  • You are unable to produce a valid and legible boarding trip for the intended travel. The boarding trip constitutes as the prima facie evidence of the contract of carriage between the trip host and the boarding trip holder;
  • You are deemed medically unfit to travel and may pose a health hazard to other passengers on board the trip, at the absolute discretion of the trip host;
  • You fail to arrive on time to board before the time of departure or fail to board the trip by the time the trip departs.
  • If the trip host has refused to carry You or choose to remove You from carriage as per the reasons abovementioned, we reserve the right to cancel the unused trip and You will not be entitled to further carriage or refund of fare. We will not be liable for the consequential or incidental loss, damage, cost, or fee You may incur due to the refusal of carriage.
  • Children below age twelve (12) will not be allowed to book trips for themselves nor will be allowed to travel, unless they are accompanied by an adult.

    Children above the age of 5 years need to compulsorily obtain a trip trip at the regular fare of the trip, unless otherwise a particular trip host specifies otherwise in their terms and conditions.

    The trip host reserve the right to reschedule, cancel, and/or delay any Trip and substitute other tripes for reasons they deem necessary to do so.

    You are responsible to ensure that valid and necessary government issued personal identification documents, such as the passport, PAN card or Aadhar card, are carried with you for the Trip.