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Toward a Life Without Plastic

5 Ideas for Reducing Plastic Waste for Wildlife

Our reliance on single-use plastic hurts the world’s wildlife. Plastic is a growing problem, affecting countless animals in oceans, rivers, and even on land. As a biologist, I’ve chosen to spend my career saving wildlife and conserving the natural world. For the last two years, I’ve also been working personally to reduce my plastic use so I can directly affect the species I work to conserve in my professional life.

Here are five ways I’ve reduced my plastic waste and some information about my experience navigating these changes. I hope these inspire you and provide insight so you can start your own plastic-free journey and help protect the species and places we all care about.

1. Plastic Packaged Food

2. Plastic Bags

3. Dental Floss

4. To-Go/Disposable Cups

5. Plastic Straws

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