Field trip on Air Pollution Sciences of Sustainability

₹250 Per Child, 3 Hours, Free Cancellation


"Air Pollution is a critical Health and Environmental issue, especially in current times in our major cities and this Field Trip educates students of all relevant aspects.

They will learn about various factors that contribute to Air Pollution from reputed professionals and also learn how to quantify and measure Air Pollution Index.

WIth information from this trip, students will be able to make the right choices in their future lifestyles to contribute less to Air Pollution and also be able to educate others about the same."

Syllabus Sync

Board Class Subject Lesson
CBSE 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th Science
ICSE 9th, 6th Science
Trippko Recommends: 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 11th, 12th Science
Cambridge 9th, 7th Science

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